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The countdown begins!

Here we are: the last few days before we leave friends, family and country to start a new life for a year! There are so many little details to deal with it’s mind – boggling, and it’s hard not to get stressed trying to get everything done. I haven’t even started packing. Or even thinking about what to bring! After we get our daughter, Danika off to the airport to start her new life in Florida at Disneyworld, then I can focus on what needs to be done here. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute! We are excited, nervous, a little stressed, happy,…….a whole rainbow of emotions as we near our departure date. We arrive in Shanghai on the 16th, and it may take a few days to set up our electronics and get food in the apartment, but as soon as we are settled I will post some info on how a) I survived the 12.5 hour flight, and b)what our new apartment looks like! We will be on our way soon!


One comment on “The countdown begins!

  1. You will have a fantastic time! All the best to both of you – I will look forward to hearing about your adventures in your posts!!!

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