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Trip to IKEA

Tuesday after school, Kim and I hailed a taxi and after a 40 minute drive in rush hour we arrived at IKEA just outside of the downtown core.  There are still high rises as far as the eye can see, but fewer businesses and more traffic heading to the suburbs.  We went shopping for some more dishes as we are having our entire staff and spouses for dinner. While that sounds impressive, we are talking 2 teachers and one spouse.  (3 people)  We only have 4 sets of cutlery, 4 plates and most importantly,  only 4 wine glasses.  We did our shopping at the store and it’s pretty much just like Richmond.  We wanted to pop upstairs after shopping and enjoy a Swedish meatball dinner.  Just like in Canada, it’s very cheap.  We were told (in Chinese) by one of the many security/policemen that we couldn’t take our purchases upstairs and would have to get a locker.  We went to the place where all of the lockers were but really couldn’t understand the English translation of how to open and secure the locker.  So we decided to purchase meatballs and head home again in a taxi.  We paid about 28 yuan (about $4.60) on the way out but traffic was quite a bit lighter going home so it only cost us   22 yuan on the way home (about $3.80).  Tomorrow I am off to the police station to finalize my working visa.    


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