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A neighbourhood walk

Hello everybody! Well, today we decided to go on a neighbourly walk to see what else is out there and to maybe venture out a little farther than our usual little circle. We were looking for a pharmacy to buy rubbing alcohol (to swab my arm) for when Bruce gives me my vitamin B12 shot. Reluctantly, I might add! He would prefer that I get the school nurse to do it, but I have experienced them taking my blood – when we arrived we had to go for blood tests and x-rays, etc – and they are rough to say the least! I yelped when they took my blood the last time, so I am not prepared to let another Chinese nurse do this for me! No way! We also went to our favourite DVD store and bought 2 new series to watch – Breaking Bad and Damages. We now have hours upon hours of tv watching to do, as we bought seasons 1-4 of each one! Don’t worry, I am not going to let us spend all of our time here in Shanghai watching tv! It’s just for the evenings when we are relaxing and yearning for a taste of home. One english language tv channel here with the same exact news every hour is not my idea of entertainment! I took some pictures on our little jaunt, so I will post them as soon as I am done here. There are some really pretty tree-lined streets here, if you overlook the large number of cars and all the honking that goes on if you decide to stop for a red light! We take taxis here quite a bit as they are very inexpensive, but there are only seatbelts in the front, not in the back, and if you sit up front and put one on, you are insulting the driver’s ability to drive through the streets. They usually are broken too! I ALWAYS sit in the back, behind the driver, because I don’t want to see what’s coming. Bruce treats it like a roller coaster ride and wants the front. He can have it!! Anyway, it was a busy week at work, as we have so many forms to fill in for the Ministry of Education back home. Our school needs to be certified, so really it’s a job for Bruce, but I am helping out by doing the proofreading. Poor Bruce has to run around and ask the Chinese teacher that helps us (his english is quite good) for all the information we need in order to get these things filled in properly. It’s futile sometimes and we only get the information a little at a time, so there is a ton of waiting around. When you are used to having all the answers at your fingertips, it’s hard to just wait for it to come to you! On a lighter note, I taught both classes yesterday ALL BY MYSELF. Yes, it seems like small potatoes, but I am still a little nervous doing this, so it was a big accomplishment for me! I just had to give them a test and then have them work in groups after we marked it in class, so it wasn’t really that difficult, so maybe I am finally getting over my opening night jitters! I really enjoy teaching these kids, they are getting to be quite fun now that we are seeing a bit of their personalities coming out. In class, we let them talk and we try to make them feel safe enough to speak out even if they have the wrong answer; a little different from their regular classes! Well, tonight we ordered pizza over the phone for the first time – 2 10″ pizzas with 2 pepsi cans for less than 20$ delivered! I’m off to watch some tv with my sweetie and hopefully enjoy some pizza (oh what party animals we are on a Saturday night!). I’ll post the pics after dinner! Bye for now!


One comment on “A neighbourhood walk

  1. Hi Kim and Bruce.

    I am really enjoying your posts. Keep them coming. Way to go Kim on teaching all by yourself. It is a wonderful profession to be an educator. Enjoy the energy of the students.

    Ps. You will live “Breaking Bad”. Half of Season 5 is competed now and the rest will come out in November. So you only have a couple of months to watch Seasons 1-4!

    Another good one is Sons of Anarchy.

    Love and peace to you both.


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