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How We Do Business

Sept 26- Oct. 3
Things seem to be going much better for Kim and I.  As I read back thru our past notes my writing has gone from deadly serious to amusing sarcasm.  This is a sign we are adapting.   Kim wanted me to give her a vitamin B shot so  i went to Dr. Bever when we were in Canada and and he taught me how to give the shot. Then I started thinking.  I am going to stick a needle into my wife.  If it hurts like hell, this is going to be a very bad idea.  Now during practice time, I got to be very good.  Not one of the oranges complained about it hurting. But trying the real thing was too much.  In short, we discovered that a we have a full time school nurse and she is as gentle as a lamb.  She gave the shot and I was off the hook.  All is good.  This week we have a very strange configuration.  Next week we have a holiday all five days.  Now the Chinese wanted to only give us 4 days for the National Holiday.  So here’s what they did.  They make all the teachers work on Saturday and they end up getting a day back.
So we have a boy in our lass who is struggling with English.  He’s not really putting an effort and he is ducking out of doing his homework.  I called the mom. This is my first meeting with a parent.  She is very embarrassed and upset that her son is not working. We have developed a plan and she was wonderful and supportive.  Now it turns out she has to leave town on business for a while so she is hiring a tutor to come and work with him and to supervise him while she is away.  She then explains that her husband is the owner of the Port located at the Bund.  The next thing you know Kim and I are invited to go on an evening boat cruise down the river to see the sites of night time Shanghai.  Dad also wants to take us out for an expensive dinner and mom shows up at the school  with 32 Haagen Dazs ice creams for all of the teachers.  Wow!  Talk about supportive.  She was so thankful that we were spending extra time with him to help him get better.  Sometimes I love China!  Kim and I have just started our Mid Autumn Festival which includes an 8 day holiday.  Original plans to Beijing have been aborted and we are enjoying site seeing in Shanghai.  We also discovered cucumber potato chips.  Yummy!

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