The Great Stall of China

The Great Stall of China

Yes, Kim and I decided NOT to visit Beijing during the Autumn Festival after being told it would be very, very crowded. This photo was taken at the beginning of the holiday. Note how far back the line goes. Also note how little room there is on the wall. We had a great vacation here in Shanghai. I’d say it was a great call.


2 comments on “The Great Stall of China

  1. The first time I was on the Great Wall it was also very crowded. A Sunday morning in summer at Badaling, the most popular tourist spot. On the advice of a Chinese friend I went back early evening during the following week. Almost no one was on the wall. It was beautiful. Illuminated at night. So yes, you made a good choice, and I am sure you will have more opportunities to go back to Beijing. The bullet train is very fast, very comfortable, and not very expensive. The opportunity to walk on the Great Wall is pretty special.

  2. […] the same week we were in Shanghai. As he said on his blog, look how far back the line goes. (Thanks Bruce) The Great Stall of […]

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