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I guess it wasn’t the stomach flu after all!

Hi everyone! I am finally back at home in our apartment! It feels so good to be able to relax and not have a nurse come into your room every hour to make sure everything is working fine. While I was given very good care, I was there for 6 days, and I can say that it was probably 4 days too long! I really, truly thought I had the worst stomach flu one could get. Never in a million years would I think it was appendicitis! When Bruce sent me home from work, I spent close to 3 hours thinking that if someone would just kick me really hard, I could forget about the stomach pain and move on to all the plans we ‘d made for that weekend – a nice dinner out, enjoying the sunshine we still have and exploring! About an hour after Bruce got home, I said, “ok, this is enough, something is not right here”, and off we went to the doctor, and you guys all know the rest!

As Bruce mentioned, the staff at the hospital were quite nice, and treated me well for the most part. There were a couple of nurses who didn’t speak English very well, and were quite disturbed that I would question them on what they were giving me for medicine. Here, they are the authority, and they know best. You do not. I, however, like to know exactly what I am taking, and why! (the nurse didn’t like that too much). Plus, when they took me down to get a CT scan, they put me in a wheelchair that felt like it was being pushed by a Mad Max character. I’m talking fast, show no mercy to anyone coming our way, and taking corners that felt like we were on one wheel! I think he actually played chicken with a construction crew guy who was pushing a wheelbarrow full of cement pieces and drywall…..neither one was going to move…..my eyes grew wider and wider….and then the orderly turned us left at the last moment! Scared me silly -anyone remember the Wild Mouse ride at the PNE? Then when we arrived we had to wait a bit for the scanner to be free, so the orderly parks me right in front of the door to the scan room(no way anyone could get past me, I was that close), and takes off to have a smoke near the door to the outside! When I asked the nurse if people were allowed to smoke in the hospital, she said no, but it wasn’t enforced very much. At night, when i couldn’t sleep, I ventured outside my room to see what was happening. The whole place was deserted! No one at the front desk, no one down the hallways, and you could hear a pin drop. I heard zombies coming around the corner……(we watch “The Walking Dead”), so I got back in my room as fast as I could, closed the door and turned on the tv. Chinese language only? No problem!

After the surgery, they kept me on an IV drip for most of my stay. Sometimes I had nutrition, sometimes it was vitamins, but most of the time it was antibiotics. My veins are quite deep and hard to find, so when they had to draw blood for testing, they had to try in multiple places. My arms are bruised up a bit and I kind of feel like I look like an addict! They didn’t let me have real food(solids) until Wednesday, and guess what I got? RICE SOUP. It is a glutinous, thick broth with no rice in it or anything else for that matter! I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then one day they added dry toast too! YAY! I ate all of it one day because I was so hungry – I hadn’t eaten for 5 days by then – but the next time I got it, it had gone cold, and I just couldn’t stomach it. Even on the day they sent me home, I still only had toast to eat. Rice soup will never be a part of my diet again, hahahaha!

Although my white cell count is still above normal, they agreed to let me come home if I go back next week for more blood tests. I’m not sure I want to, but if I am not feeling 100% by then I guess I’ll have to do it. Right now, Bruce won’t let me go to work, so I am off for a couple of days and hope to be back on Monday……but he is the boss, and if he says no, I am stuck at home. How can one be so exhausted from doing nothing all day???

Anyway, thanks so much for all of your care and concern! I am on the mend, looking forward to having a shower on Sunday (my first one since last Friday!) and it won’t be long before we are writing about yet another adventure! Hopefully it will be a better one than this one!



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