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A Crazy World

It’s a Crazy World out there.  We do things very differently here.  Last week end Kim and I went to the Fabric Market to pick up her new shirts and coat.  We decided to go down to the Cool Docks for a nice dinner.   There were no taxis to be found anywhere and the […]

Elevator Etiquette and Operations

So here we are with the week end update and the topic is elevators.  Our friends in Jiaxing Terry and Geoff talked about in their blog being on the 3rd floor and having a guy with a motorcycle drive onto the elevator and take it down to the first floor.. Don’t ask don’t tell.  No […]

Random thoughts and Observations……

Hello everybody! Well, after a bit of an absence, I am back! I have been laying low for awhile, getting back into routine and organization for school, and filming many of our students as they get closer to having their own newscast. This project involved the students picking out a news article from the paper, […]

Now with the News!

Here with the week-end blog update is Bruce Carabine.  It kind of sounds like a news broadcast and that`s the Blopic of week.  (Blopic = Blog Topic)  Kim is working both in school and over her lunch with some students on a TV news show.  This is an extension from a unit we did in […]

Street Vendors and the big, big, watch!

Happy weekend blog readers,   I am so pleased to tell you that Kim is back to her normal self again.  This is quite evident in her marathon shopping that we did on Saturday.  4-5 hours in the Fake Mall at the Science and Technology Center proved she is back to her full strength again. […]