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The Three M’s

The 3 M’s Happy New Year blogging friends.  First let me start out by thanking you for your kind comments both on the blog and thru Facebook as well.  We never know who is reading so we really appreciate hearing from you.  This week’s blog is about the three M’s.  All very much Shanghai stories. […]

This is a German made piano that sells for over !,000,000 RMB about 1 60 thousand dollars.  It was nice, but I like the Yamaha Grands better in case anyone is buying me an expensive Christmas present!  This is taken in one of the many music stores on Jing Ling Lu.   \We see so […]

Sick for a Shanghai Christmas

Well my fine North American, Christmas Celebrating, Friends, it’s time for another blog update. Being Sick in Shanghai: This blog is relatively calm and uneventful because Kim and I have been fighting terrible colds for over two weeks and consequently have not been out too much.  I think I am getting better but not so […]

Hi everybody! It is already December – I can’t believe it is here already! Christmas is coming for all of you, but not really for us! We have noticed some of the stores around Shanghai have put up decorations and messages of “Merry Christmas”, but it’s not really the same. It’s going to be a […]

Taxis and Elevators Part ll

Elevator update:  Ok, you may recall from a previous blog that we have 3 elevators and one is nick named the Tower of Terror.  We also intimated that we were hoping that they would be inspected soon.  Well, the elevators have finally been inspected.  I am not sure what that entails, but we have noticed […]