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One Month Off!

Hello Our Friends and Family around the world. We are now officially into holiday mode.  Holidays started quite abruptly for us as we were not expecting them.  Sounds weird but here’s how it played out. Last week we knew that Monday and Tuesday this week we would have no afternoon classes due to a Science/Technology […]

The Biggest Load

On Terry and Geoff’s last blog they lamented the fact that they went out just one time without their camera and missed a whole bunch of pictures.  I don’t always carry my camera with me  so I miss just a ton of interesting shots. I have tried on a number of occasions to catch these […]

The tai-chi man in the courtyard, taken from the 20th floor! Yay! New camera lens!

This one had to be seen to be believed!

A cold day in Shanghai!

Oh China!

Happy New Year! Well, the greeting is a little belated; I can’t believe that it is the middle of January already! Time is going by so quickly! However, that means our trip to Thailand is coming up soon! I am so excited to feel warmth – it is so cold here! The temperatures are not […]

Central Heating and the Sales Meeting

Happy New Year Blog Readers.   I hope you have all enjoyed a restful holiday and had the opportunity to eat, drink and of course enjoy your family.  Our holiday was quite short as previously mentioned and we have been very busy at work.  Kim and I have just completed 8 solid days of non-stop […]