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New Year’s Eve and Day in Pictures

We had a very quiet New Year’s Eve.  We had a delicious dinner as planned and friends came over and we talked to 1:00 am.

Here’s what we ate:  Th evening started with some appetizers of old cheese, olives stuffed with garlic,  Fried mushrooms in garlic and butter and some cherry tomatoes.  Yummy!  we opened our bottle of Burrowing Owl, Cabernet Sauvignon that we have been saving for 2 years!  Delicious. Here’s the rest of our dinner.


This is an amazing BC wine right from Osoyoos!

ImageThese are fresh vegetables from the wet market saute in a lemon butter dill sauce.

ImageThe main course were giant prawns, garlic and green onions cooked together in a New Orleans Creole style with a French baguette for sopping up the delicious sauce . For dessert we had fresh strawberries and blueberries and a Grand Marnier apertif.  Man it was delicious!

The next day Kim and I went to Pudong and wandered about for the day.  There were lots of people here at the subway station as you can see.



The area was very much designed for tourists and folks with money, but to be fair, Pudong is the financial section of this huge city.  See below the two topiary dragons.  Beautiful.


Here we can see the Shanghai Financial Centre.  This is the building Tm Cruise jumped off in one of the Mission Impossible movies.  (at least his stunt double did). That’s the building that looks like it is a bottle opener.  The building under construction to the right will be the tallest building in the world in 2014.  We watched them haul girders up the side. Very impressive!Image

Here I am just to prove we were there.  Ha ha ha!



About a block away is the Pearl Tower. Another tourist gotta see.  Last time I was up there 3 years ago the AC was out and it was 40+ degrees outside.  Very hot inside!


The financial section is not unlike New York City with its numerous sky scrapers.  New York is very old and quite dirty, this area is very new and quite clean.



More office buildings in the financial part of Shanghai!


We walked a few blocks to the Huangpu River.  China’s very busy port is located here and there is all sorts of traffic from freighters, barges to sailboats and huge yachts!  There is also a Mississippi style river boat giving tours and a number of other boat companies offering dinner tours etc.  These aren’t too expensive I have been told but they are boarded from the other side of the water so we didn’t go today.


 The crowds were out in force in the Plaza by the Pearl Tower.


It was a little quieter on the boardwalk, but not by much.


These buildings look so futuristic.  I kept looking for George Jetson.


Across the river we were treated to a gorgeous sunset looking at the Bund with the old 1930’s style architecture.  


What a great day to spend our New Year’s Day.  Have a great 2013 everyone!




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  1. You are having an amazing adventure!

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