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The End of the New Year’s Celebration

Well it’s February 24th and tonight is the last night of the New Year’s Celebration.  This is called the Lantern Festival.  Kim and I decided to treat ourselves to a very expensive fancy boutique Thai Restaurant for dinner.  Although we spent a modest amount by North American standards for our meal, by Chinese standards we […]

The Winter Vacation Part 3 of 3

Day 12 Kim and I awake at 600am with the intent of going to photograph the sunrise at the beach.  It was a little cloudy but the sunrise was beautiful. Sunrise from our beach in Koh Samui This was the view we watched while we ate breakfast that morning. We had an early breakfast and head off […]

Winter Vacation Part 2 of 3

We are now day 6 at the resort.  If I were anymore relaxed I would be a bowl of Jello.  Kim and I have done a bit of sight seeing, but for the most part have enjoyed the lazy life of waking up to a big breakfast, beach and sun all day, a light lunch […]

Winter Vacation Part 1 of 3

Koh Samui, Thailand Hi Everyone, I am sitting in a jungle cabana about 80 feet away from the Gulf of Thailand with the air conditioning running after a very relaxing day. First, however a quick update about how we got here and what’s happening.  In Shanghai right now is new year. Twin jia kwy la […]