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The Birthday Weekend

Hello Friends from around the World.  It’s time again for another Random Weekend Blog.  It is beautiful and sunny here is Shanghai with temperatures up to 16-17 degrees.  We had a beautiful warm stretch in February and then it got cold again. We are hoping spring is here to stay now.  Shanghai is so much […]

China – Looking at Labour

China has a huge population so it seems like the thing to do here is to hire people to work for you.   For example, when you go grocery shopping, the store not only has many cashiers, but lots of people hanging around in the store to help you.  Kim and I went to the […]

Science and Technology (and I still miss Thailand!!)

Hello again!  Well, here we are, firmly entrenched in school duties. It seems like so long ago that our biggest decision of the day was whether to eat at the restaurant, or at the beach! It’s only through sheer luck that we returned from that paradise……and the fact that we are actually employed in China, […]

Another week and we are back to work.  The highlight of our week was certainly our massages.  We have started to have both a weekly foot massage and also a hot oil body massage.  They are both very relaxing and inexpensive.   Our two massage girls, Dong Ling and Shau Kwy know our bodies well […]