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Beijing (Part 2) The Forbidden City

The blog is a little late this week.  We usually have it out by Saturday, but this week we had to work Mon -Sunday in order to have a Mon-Wed holiday the following week. We are looking forward to our 3 days off with MAry Anne and Boyd.  They leave for Thailand on Wednesday. Our […]

The Trip to Beijing – Part 1 – The Great Wall and Tian’anmen Square

Kim and I have saved our trip to Beijing for when Mary Anne and Boyd came to visit and this week-end we finally made it into the capital city of China.  Beijing, (formerly known as Peking) is somewhat smaller than Shanghai  with a population just over 20 million people.  While there are lots of skyscrapers […]

Some News and A Visit from Home!

Hello everyone!  At long last, we have warmth here in Shanghai! The sun has been out (well, it is brighter… can’t actually see the sun, hahaha!) and the temperatures are climbing. Apparently, we are going from shivering to sweating, with no in-between! However, I am not complaining, because everywhere, people seem a little happier, and […]

Shanghai – The Fashion City

Spring is here in Shanghai.  Here is a photo essay of our Saturday.  Our day started with us leaving our apartment.  Here is a cyclist on the sidewalk in front of our place. We took the subway under the Huang Pu River to a place called called Century Park.  This park is not for everyone. […]

Our Visit to Jiaxing

Hello Friends and Family, We are approaching the last day of a three holiday and head back to work on Sunday for the next 6 days.  We still struggle with the concept of payback in holidays.  We get an extra day but it comes off your weekend.  TIC. We have had a delightful weekend with […]