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Shanghai – The Fashion City

Spring is here in Shanghai.  Here is a photo essay of our Saturday.  Our day started with us leaving our apartment.  Here is a cyclist on the sidewalk in front of our place.Image

We took the subway under the Huang Pu River to a place called called Century Park.  This park is not for everyone.  They charge 10 RMB to enter the park.  Although that’s just a buck fifty, many families could not afford to pay that. We went there and met up with our friends, Brent and Wen Juan, played some bocci and just camped out and watched the visitor’s walk by and watch them try to sneak pictures of us.  So I did the same. i tried to be subtle so that they didn’t think I was shooting them.  For the most part I think I was successful.  Here are some of the Shanghai fashions we saw on this day!


This young girl is seen sporting what many folks are wearing.  The short shorts (or mini skirt) with tights and boots with huge spike heels or runners with platforms.  This girl chose the latter.Image

Here we have fur boots and a mini (I think).  Just a quick note that the fashions are not just for young people.  There are a number of people in their 50’s and 60’s wearing the same stuff.Image

Here’s the long shot.  Most of them are either carrying or wearing their coats.  It’s about 22 degrees out and quite warm in the park.  



Also popular here are the ever famous “Sailor Moon Socks”  which come up right past the knee cap.  We have seen a couple of girls aged 18-25 dressed in the full Sailor Moon get up.  




Sometimes a mini skirt just isn’t enough so it has to be accentuated by being a bouffant affair with lots of crinoline.  I say go for it. Just what you need for a day of camping in the park!


Here is a very popular look.  The very high heels a short mini skirt and a sheer covering. I am so amazed that these girls walk all over Shanghai with these shoes on.  It’s not just the height of the shoes but also the fact that the sidewalks of Shanghai are all cobble stone with a lot of places to twist your ankle or break your heel.  Kim and I find it a challenge just walking in our running shoes.

After our game of Bocci in Which Brent won 10-6-6 we decided to rent one of the boats from the Jingyang Yacht Club.  Here’s what they were renting.



These little boats had electric motors that could go 3-4 Km./hr.  They charged us 60 RMB ($10) for an hour’s run.  It was beautiful and sunny out and Kim and I restored some of the tan we lost from our Thailand trip.



Brent and Wen juan’s boat didn’t go as fast as ours did.  They tried everything in the book to beat us.  Not a chance!


The Century Park area is very beautiful and quite expensive to live in.  Check out the high end apartments in the background.




After our boat ride, Kim and I stopped off at the Shanghai Science and Technology Center to visit the Fake mall.  We bought a few little things for Shao Kwai, one of our massage girls as it is her birthday on Monday.

We were looking at hairpieces.  How do you think I would look with bangs?Image

Pretty scary eh?  Have a great week-end.  we love you all.

Bruce and Kim


One comment on “Shanghai – The Fashion City

  1. I admire your nerve in taking the last “fashion” photo!!

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