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Random Shanghai Summer

Hello All,

Kim and I are back from the depths of our flu.  This is the third flu we have caught this year.  Each one lasts about a week and a bit with the cough lasting for about a month.  We are now out of winter, 3 days of rain in a row with very heavy humidity 94%!  And now the heat has come.  Today it is about 32 degrees but the humidity is down to 74%.  It is AC at home and at school.  No one has told any of the Chinese people yet as they continue to wear jackets, hoodies and t-shirts underneath.  Image


Kim and I had a lot of fun at a photo shoot last week-end changing costumes and getting make up.  W3e ha=d 4 different costumes and about 150 pics taken over a 5 hour photo shoot. We will be coming home with a coffee table book with the best shots in it. Image

Mary Anne and Boyd were back visiting us.  We were two travel guides for a while.  We took them to beautiful Yuyuan Gardens.




It was only 25 degrees out but sunny and humid.  We stopped at a Starbucks for a cold Green Tea! Yummy



We missed the actual gardens as they had closed, but we went thru the shopping area.  The koi fish were feeding like crazy and of course Kim took many pictures of the little turtles swimming in the water.



The Stinsons wanted to buy some souvenirs so this little cutie sold them a couple of engraved stamps.  Her English was excellent.  Note the glasses without glass.  Very popular here.



An older fellow used this machine to  create the stamp with their names on it in both English and Chinese.  What a great gift!ImageWe saw this on the cab home.  I know this sign is supposed to let you know to drive carefully because they have a child in their car, but you can’t help but chuckle when you see a sign like this.




So here we are, downtown Shanghai on a Saturday and what should we do.  The man and his wife bring their kitchen chairs outside, take off their shoes and have a snooze.  Why????  Because it’s China…. That’s why.



We took our friends into the Peace Hotel where photography is forbidden. And of course we took pictures.  A very cool place that I can’t afford to stay at and neither can you.  (That last comment was meant for all of my friends except Bill Gates)


Finally we went to People’s SquareImage


They had statues and these beautiful plaques.




They also had a ton of people selling bootleg watches and bags.

My favourite was a fellow wearing a knock-off t-shirt.  He was wearing a CLAVIN KLEIN shirt.  Yes good old CLAVIN.  I wonder how many shirts they printed before someone realized that the name was spelled wrong.  Cracks me up!


When in doubt, dye your dog’s ears and tail orange.  Why????  Because it’s China…. That’s why.



How about visiting a hair salon where the stylists (all male) dress like pilots and the shampoo girls/massage girls dress like stewardesses,  Why????  Because it’s China…. That’s why.



Finally, we read to day our favourite bottled water is under government investigation because they have not been getting water from the beautiful clear spring like they advertise but from a dirty drainage ditch and the water is filled with bacteria.  We have 32 litres of the water sitting in our kitchen right now.  Why????  Because it’s China…. That’s why.



One comment on “Random Shanghai Summer

  1. LOL – like the photo in the uniform – very official looking!! At least you have survived the water scare – so far….

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