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Happy Weekend!

Welcome to the week-end. Happy anniversary to my sweetie pie.  We had a pretty nice week-end despite the weather.  Friday night (our actual anniversary) we went out for a delicious dinner, great service, steak and lobster, crab cakes and lattes on the patio in the cool of the evening.  Finally a foot massage and then home to bed.    We stopped and got these awesome flowers on the way home.


Saturday we packed up our winter clothes and mailed them off to Canada.  There is no way we are going to get home with all of the gifts we are bringing home.  We sent home two large cartons filled with stuff.  About 40 lbs. of stuff.  We hit Starbucks and then went home and cooked an amazing dinner (Kim cooked and I tasted and pulled seeds from the world’s largest watermelon)  We served up an amazing dinner for our friends Greg, Chen and Angela.  

They were very impressed and enjoyed every thing we served.  Kim is amazing in what she can do here.  We have a toaster oven and 2 burners on the stove and she turned out  stuffed mushroom caps, braised BBQ caked chicken, rice, beans with onions and almonds, and a apple-blackberry-blueberry cake for dessert.  Very yummy.


Sunday we stayed in and caught up with friends on the phone.  It was quite cloudy and we had planned on going to check out Jing’an Temple late today, dinner out someplace then a foot massage.  As it turned out we left for the temple, the skies opened and the rain and the wind started.  We head back to our apartment and relaxed.  We have some new grade 11 students coming to Lu wan High School next year and spent our Friday afternoon doing English Assessment testing.  Looks like some very good students coming in. Next week-end we do the same for our grade 10’s. 


Now for my favourite part of the blog, random photos with glib comments.



This cyclist has a pretty hefty load.  It’s not the size of the load, it’s the fact he is carrying heavy wooden dressers on the back of his bike.  Most impressive.


This fellow has a light load of styrofoam boxes.  I am not sure if they are empty, but he had a pretty hard time getting them all on his bike. Image


This is the chair guy who travels around Xie Tu Lu. We have seen him a lot, gut I never seem to have my camera when we find him. I finally caught him taking a siesta. Talk a bout a long wide load.  He pulls this himself.



This cyclist’s load is neither heavy nor large, but it is a little weird. He pedals around Shanghai selling goldfish.  These are pets.  I asked one of my students what happens to these fish.  Do that many people in Shanghai have aquariums. Apparently parents by their kids a goldfish in a bag to play with and the goldfish is usually daed the next day because they don’t have aquariums.  



This is an interesting shot.  It combines the old with the new.  The owner of this house couldn’t bear to have his house torn down for the new apartment building, so a deal was struck to have his home built on top of the apartment.  Pretty amazing story eh?  I thought so when I made it up.

ImageHere we are inside the mall at Metro City. This is a giant mall that kind of looks like Science World in Vancouver.  Our favourite Viet Namese restaurant is there.



Here is our home.  The 4th apartment building back on the 20th floor.




So I had to take a picture, just so that you know we aren’t making this stuff up.  (Except for that building on the high rise story.)   I try to be truthful in this blog but sometimes the hyperbole is just too good to pass up on.  I hope you recognize when I am pulling your leg.  It’s been a while since I had my haircut, so I am going down to get a haircut next week.  Here’s a picture of me sporting my new long hair and my new John Lennon prescription glasses. ($42)Image

OK Maybe it’s just us having fun with Angela’s new wig.   ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

These last couple of shots are from a dinner at “Lost Heaven.”  This is a delicious high end restaurant here in Shanghai!!!

ImageKim and I walked thru the streets of Xin Tandi.  



We came across Rae’s Tea shop. Hi Rae!  We love you!


Finally, another dog with dyed ears, tail etc.  TIC  Keep well my friends. Our journey home is just 5 weeks away! 




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