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June Already!

Hi All!

Well, I can’t believe that it is June already! May went by so fast I am not even sure it was here. However, it was a bit of a rainy month, so that is probably why it didn’t seem to register on me! We are finally into some nice sunny weather again, although the humidity goes up and down all the time, so you never really know what it is like outside. I pretty much sit under a blanket with the A/C on inside, and then sweat to death when we go outside!

We have been quite busy with school this past little while. We have new students wanting to attend our school next year, as well as some new grade elevens coming in from a school that unfortunately shut down. These poor students can only try to get into another BC program, or find a Chinese school that will take them – but they would have to repeat grade 10, since there would be no English component for them. A little stressful for all involved, but they were a nice group. We also had to work this past Saturday, interviewing the potential new grade ten students.  We worked with another BC school so that we could be sure of how many new students we could expect for the fall. It was interesting meeting the new kids – some of them had a very good grasp of the English language, and some of them struggled a bit.  We will know more when all of their results are tabulated. We have only 2 more weeks of regular school, and then we are into exams and admin duties to work on. It’s going by so fast!

I am making a pizza/pasta lunch for our classes next weekend – we have to work Sunday – as these kids have the worst lunches I have ever smelled! The lunches are provided by the school, but they are charged for them everyday. No one likes the lunches but they have no other choice. A couple of students bring lunch from home, but they get into trouble if it gets found out by the staff! Some days, the smell is so bad that I have to cover my nose as I walk through the hallways! Something like burned cabbage…..no wonder they are so excited to eat western food! It should be interesting, since I am making lunch for 20 people on 2 different days! Oh well, it will be fun!

We finally made it to the Jing’an Temple on Sunday. It is actually very close to us, but each time we planned to go, it was raining or something else came up and we ran out of time. It is quite beautiful, and hard to believe it is right in the middle of the city, next to the skyscrapers and traffic!ImageWe spent about an hour inside, so here are a few more pictures. The carvings in the marble, wood and stone were amazing!


ImageImageImageImageAfter the temple, we went exploring in the area around it, and ended up finding Cantina Agave, a Mexican restaurant that I had always wanted to visit. We sat outside and enjoyed a margarita(for me) and a pina colada(for Bruce) and shared a plate of nachos. It was so good! Bruce took a picture of me holding my drink, but I will not be posting that one! Let’s just say I look a little TOO relaxed – and I was only half done! Delicious and a great day!

We came back to our part of town and went for our weekly massage. I truly do not know how I will survive without them when we get home. I will have to do some research and see what I can find. First thing on my list!

Well, you have all read about our adventures with the Tower of Terror. We had a little bit of time where it seemed to be working just fine. One day, however, I got in and pressed the button for our floor……and it just stayed put. The screen showed the first floor, and no matter how many buttons I pushed, it wouldn’t go anywhere! I finally pressed the “open door” button, and I was still on the first floor, thank goodness! I got out quickly and tried to get another elevator, but I had to send TOT elsewhere. I reached in and pressed the last floor at the top of the building.  It finally left, and I was able to get the next elevator. Another time, Bruce and I were in TOT together, and it fell a few floors while we were going up. Scariest time ever! We got out as fast as we could and that was the last time we went in it. I don’t know why it hasn’t been fixed, because when it came down for us the other day, our building cleaning lady was there and she wouldn’t let us go in it! Other people are starting to notice it as well, refusing to go up in it when it comes down. At least we are not the only ones! (Our building cleaning lady is so sweet, but for some reason she thinks I speak Chinese fluently! When I tell her I don’t understand, she rattles it off again, only louder and faster. Of course, I get it now! I will have to get her picture before we leave). One last picture of the Bhudda before I leave you….it is made with 500 TONS of silver! Have a great week everyone! Miss you!!



One comment on “June Already!

  1. Hi Kim and Bruce! I can’t believe you will be home soon! I Can’t Wait!! You have captured some great shots of the loads of stuff that gets packed on the bikes. Totally amazing! Beautiful day here on the coast after a week or so of rain. You will love being back in Canada; good water, clean-sit down toilets—WITH TOILET PAPER provided! Identifiable food in the grocery stores. Can’t guarantee you won’t see any nose-picking or nauseating horking, but let’s hope it’s minimal. What a great experience you two gave us. Every day something comes to mind that we talk about. So glad we ventured out of our cozy Canadian comfort zones and spent time with you. Can’t wait to relive it when you get back. Enjoy your last days in Shanghai!
    xoxo Mary-Anne and Boyd

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