Two Weeks Left!!!

Here we are down to two weeks left before our flight home.  I must say we are both starting to get a wee bit excited to go home and see friends and family.  Kim and I have both been feeling a little achy and sore recently and can’t figure out what is wrong with our bodies.  Was it too many massages?  Not enough?  Is the food finally catching up with us?  It turns out that living in an environment with constant air conditioning and high humidity can cause cramping and muscle aches as it is difficulty to remain properly hydrated.  We are drinking lots of water but it just seems to go right thru us.  We sweat like crazy here.   The bad news is, it is getting worse over the next two weeks.  We have been having temperatures of 28-30 degrees with very high humidity. The temperatures are moving to 38-40 degrees in the next couple of weeks.  We really want to get out and do some last minute sight seeing but it’s tough to get the energy.  We also hate walking around drenched in sweat.  We will see what it turns out like.


June is the rainy month and we have been trying to make it over to Pudong to go up the bottle opener building.  Every weekend has been either raining or so smoggy the view has been awful.  It looks like it may clear today so we are going to give it a try.  The view is spectacular so we really want to get a chance to post some pictures from this 140 story building in the hart of the financial district in Shanghai.


School classes are over and this upcoming week we have our school exams. The Provincial government has not allowed us to write the provincial exams because they said it would take far to long to get PEN numbers and install the software we need to write exams.  PEN numbers took 45 minutes and software install 2 and a half hours.  We had 4 months to prepare for this.  How unfair to our students.  They must now write in October.  The toughest exam they will write is English 10 of course. They will have 2 months off from school with no English before they write.  How unfair is that?


Kim and I listen to our students complain about the school food being a little mundane and on some days down right nasty.  She decided to treat all of the students in the school by making them lunch at our place and bringing it in for them.  She allowed them to choose an individual pizza or pasta dish and then prepared and cooked it at home, then brought all the food to school and micro-waved it to warm-up the lunches.  We have 34 students and 8 teachers that she cooked for.  Although she did this over two days, remember that we only have 2 burners an a toaster oven in our home to prepare this food.  The food was delicious and the kids and teachers raved about the flavour!  Jamie Oliver move over. 

 So it is time again for some random Shanghai stories and glib comments enjoy!



This sign is on the window of my hair salon.  I love the “Hair texture reminiscent of the Romantic Era.”  Not sure what that is…


This is the main sign on a little drink stand.  They sold frozen juice smoothies and other cold drinks.  Not sure if they added tar to their drinks.Image

Most of the Chinese Police don’t speak English.  Certainly not any of the ones on foot patrol in Tianxiafang.   Maybe this is how the store let the tourists know they sold knock-off hand bags and watches.  Faye Kerry = Fakery.



We saw this guy outside of a small shop.  Not sure what his purpose was.  We could not find a shop anywhere near this guy that was “Children oriented.”  This includes ice cream, kid’s clothing or a toy store.  Go wonder?


We are not too sure if these guys lost a bet, were following thru on a dare, or on their way to the high school prom.  (Which they don’t have in China)  They were delighted to pose for a picture.  All of their friends were laughing and taking pictures of the three of us.  A good time was had by all.  I told them both I thought they looked very beautiful.  They smiled and thanked me genuinely.  


Kim ands I love going to Tianxiafang to sit down and enjoy a drink and watch the world go by.  I think Dr. Seuss may have been sitting here when he wrote the classic “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.”   Our theory is if you wait long enough, you can be pretty certain no matter what it is, sooner or later it will go down the allies in Tianxiafung.  Now before we show you what happened….Image

Notice how crowded it is on these streets and also notice that it is not very wide.  So we are sitting down enjoying a cold beer and a clubhouse sandwich when…


This guy on a motor scooter comes rocketing down the street, horn blazing.  The street is a pedestrian mall and all vehicles including bikes are prohibited.



Speaking of horns blazing, we had two days off last week because the students were writing their Gao Kao (grade 12 university entrance exams.)  This is a very serious exam as it decides if you get into university or not.  To help the students do better on the exams, the police posted these signs on the street the block before the school to prohibit the honking of horns during exam time.  Then they stationed 6-8 police officers in front of the school to supervise the motorists.  If drivers honked, the police would shout at the cars.  Sometimes the drivers would stop and shout back at the policemen.  All in all it was a pretty effective strategy.



This lovely Swiss Miss is giving away free warm imitation milk in a box.  I tried a sample and was very impressed with how tasteless and chalky they could make a product like this.     I think serving it luke warm guaranteed no one would buy it.  There are cows crying all over Switzerland today.  Oh BTW.  That plastic thing over her mouth is so that we don’t get any germs from her.  Note as well, the fashionable plastic gloves on her hand.  Also for that germ free experience.


These guys are gambling on the street.  They bring out a table and set up chairs and play some sort of card game (Not poker) for money≥  The police often come by and everyone will get up take a chair and walk away.  No one ever seems to get busted.  They are back within 3-4 minutes after the police leave.


Finally, this last photo to show you some more delicious food.  Kim made this amazing roasted chicken salad with mangoes, dragon fruit, fresh peppers, tomatoes and lettuce topped with some almonds. Amazing! 



2 comments on “Two Weeks Left!!!

  1. I hope you got up the Bottle Opener today because you would have learned that it is 100 storeys tall, not 140, although I would love to go up 140 floors!
    The Ministry of Education seems unaware also that the exams scheduled for October fall during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holiday, so our kids won’t be able to write until November. Unfair indeed.

    It is hot in Jiaxing, too. We are having an “inside day” because it is too warm to do very much. I’m with you on the A/C–hate it, but it’s so necessary these days.

  2. Bruce, you’re going to miss doing your designer photo opp’s when you get back to Canada. What a style in China. Can’t wait for your return. Mary-Anne

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