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The Last Days

The Last Two Days in Paris We were up early and on a mission. We had only three nights in Paris, (two days) to visit the sites so we didn’t waste any time. We were up early and had the FREE hotel breakfast, hopped our shuttle bus to the airport where we could pick up […]

A Quick Stop in Athens

Our last morning in Paros we ordered our amazing Greek breakfast that was delivered by one of the girls that work there. This place is so wonderful. Over the past 12 days we have become very good friends with both Ioanna and her mom Isabella. They gave USA wonderful breakfast, and thanked us for being […]

The Last Day’s on the Beach

Not a lot to say here, but we sure enjoyed the beach!   Chillaxin in front of the three towers. Lots of fun building these towers. We also loved playing in the water.   Back to Paris on Thursday.

The Last Days in Greece

October 23rd, 2017 Sorry but it’s been a week since I’ve blogged. Life has been so lazy here, I have got into a daily routine that didn’t include writing. We wake up between 9-10:00 am and either order the house breakfast which is inexpensive, delicious and huge or just make ourselves some toast and tea. […]

Arrival in Greece

3:30 comes pretty darn early in the morning, especially if you were out late eating pasta and drinking wine. But when the alarm went off, Kim and I were up like rockets. Today we are going to Greece! Our taxi arrived on time and we were off to the airport. Check in went pretty well […]

Cinque Terre (The Five Lands)

Wednesday, October 11th & 12th 2017 I don’t know if Kim and I are wonderful tourists or awful. Read, then you decide and let us know. We had got information on taking the train to Cinqa Terre and Pisa so we were up early and walked the half hour to the train station. Our plan […]

Firenze (Florence) Italia

A Day of the Arts and Piazza Michelangelo Today we decided to check out the train station. This week we want to take leave of Florence and take the train to Pisa (leaning tower) and Cinque Terre. (The Five Lands). I love the freedom to make a last minute detour on your trip. We have […]