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The Last Days in Greece

October 23rd, 2017
Sorry but it’s been a week since I’ve blogged. Life has been so lazy here, I have got into a daily routine that didn’t include writing. We wake up between 9-10:00 am and either order the house breakfast which is inexpensive, delicious and huge or just make ourselves some toast and tea.

60EC7A32-CCC8-429D-97DE-A2037A989EDASometimes we walk down to the bakery for a pastry and a coffee. I have an espresso and Kim has an orange juice or a latte. I must say I am becoming addicted to a good espresso.

06E821F9-B54C-4FE8-A579-3A8437CE66A2We are down at the beach by noon. So far we have had beautiful, warm sunny days everyday we have been here in Paros. The water is warm, and our skin is now dark brown.  Kim’s toes sometimes match the teal colour of the water.  Thanks Andi Wong!

B5D02762-4376-4222-8F77-CE77D553883FWe have rented a car twice now. Both times we have found our way to this beautiful beach in Aliki. This is a small village on the south of the island. One time we went over to the island of Antiparos. There wasn’t much to see there and most of the tourist trade and restaurants were closed down, but it was very inexpensive (€10 included both of us and our car) so it was a cheap way to get out on the water. Car rentals here are also inexpensive. €20 gets us an old Fiat Panda that runs well, but isn’t a well made car. It’s neither fast or classy, but it starts every time and gets us where we want to go.


We hang around the beach and swim, tan and read our Kindles.  Here’s me getting creative and building a rock tower.   There are few people on the beach. There is a yoga conference in town that has attracted a lot of young ladies to our village to get their yoga certification. They also join us at the beach. People here are pretty friendly, and we have met a number of folks from Canada, the US and an Auzzie or two as well. We leave the beach around 5:00 to get showered and ready for dinner.


Here is the terrace at our villa.05C20460-C3E2-4CD3-A753-310832C7A567

Here is the view from our terrace.08C68E5B-AA06-42E8-833B-D22309952425

Dinner is always after the sun has set so we love sitting on our terrace and watching the sun set.  For those of you who stop by our place to look at pictures of our trip we have close to a bazillion Greek sunset shots.  Everyone more beautiful than the one before it.

A29479A4-E8CE-4F5B-8422-8C31D785D1D7Our walk into town is about 10-15 minutes depending where we go for dinner. Our walk there includes having to walk about 5-6 stories down an old uneven cement stairway. Dinner is usually served 7:30-8:00. We are often the first ones in a restaurant as the rest of the village eats much later. We don’t mind though as we always get good service and the best seats in the house. There are only 12 restaurants in our village that are open and they all serve delicious food. I think we have been to all the ones that serve full dinners. I have been freaking out on the delicious lamb they serve here. Over the past week, I had an amazing lamb stew, a baked lamb wrapped in grape leaves and a roast lamb that you could cut with your fork. These people all know how to cook. Tipping is appreciated but not mandatory. The average is 2-3 Euros for an expensive dinner. This is less than 10%. We had one waiter who was very nice and he refused our tip. He said no he enjoyed serving us. I insisted and he refused again. I told him I wanted to at least buy him a beer or a glass of wine for after his shift. He laughed and said thank you, but no. We always start our meal with a fresh Greek salad, bread, olives, tatziki, and whatever looks good on the menu. We had some fabulous dolmades, which are rice, spices and stuff wrapped in grape leaves.

9BDB476F-4B35-45C8-B112-AD80CDBEBA9FAfter dinner we walk home and check out our Facebook and emails. If people are online FB we try to give them a FaceTime call. This doesn’t work out all of the time, but it’s nice to chat with those of you who are there. We are home about 10:00pm and with a ten hour time difference that makes it noon in BC. Look for us on FB at the that time.
We can’t always respond some evenings our internet is almost non-existent.

Tonight, Monday, Oct 23, we had read the weather report and were expecting a rain storm, but we needed to eat so we wandered into town and stopped at this little place where the sell gyros and salads. We had our usual Greek salad and a couple of chicken gyros. While the meal was delicious, we were eating outdoors. The rain started to fall and the lightning and thunder started. We were almost finished eating so we paid our bill, took a last mouthful and quickly made our way home.

The harbour on a nice night.

D96C82B5-F2BE-45D0-8AE1-7117A9259BEFThe lightning thunder was happening big time and the wind was howling so loud through the rigging of the fishing boats in the harbour, that it almost sounded like a number of police sirens of all different pitches. To top it off the transformer on top of one of the power poles was shorting out in the rain and electrical sparks or arching was cause a little light show above our heads. It was right out of a classical horror movie. We made it home safely without getting hit by lightning or attacked by Freddy Kruger and sat in our under covered alcove in front of our villa. We were both excited as we love to watch thunder storms. It’s something we used to do when we lived in our 20th floor apartment when we were first married and then again when we lived in China. After 3-4 more lightning strikes, the storm quietly retreated into the night and the rain stopped and the show was over. They are calling for more stormy weather in the next two days which is a little unnerving as we have to make a four and a half hour ferry ride from Paros to Athens on Wednesday. If they cancel the crossing, we miss our flight to Paris the next day. Here’s hoping for a calm crossing.

One comment on “The Last Days in Greece

  1. How unbelievably beautiful!!! Going out every night for awesome dinners -how fantastic. You are going to think our restaurants are awful, if you ever come home! We would love to travel to Greece after seeing your pics and hearing your stories. We really miss you guys! Xo Mary-Anne

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