Acadamia Museum

October 9th, 2017 Happy Thanksgiving to all of our blog readers. Kim and I have had a wonderful past two days visiting the sites, going to Museums and doing a little souvenir shopping. We have walked our feet off, but this is good because the food here is very good and we seem to be […]

From Spain to Italy!

October, 6th, 2017. After two days of hectic travel, two trains, two flights, many taxis and a hotel stay in Malaga, Spain, we arrived unscathed in beautiful Florence, Italy. (Firenze to the Italians) Our day started at noon when we took a taxi to Huelva, caught the 3:00 train to Sevilla, (Remember the Barber?) then […]

Adios, Punta Umbria

Monday, October 2nd 2017 It’s our last 2 days here in Punta Umbria and of course we are making the last of our beach visits for a while. It’s 27 degrees and sunny. The ocean is beautiful and warm. If you look on a map, you can see Punta Umbria is not in the Mediterranean, […]

Beach Bums

Sunny Spain Friday, Sept 22, 2017 We got up late. This sea air is really making us a sleepy group. Kim was up about open 8:30 but slept in until 9:00. I made us a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast using a toaster that hasn’t been made since the 1950’s. You know the ones […]

The French Countryside

After a pretty decent sleep at a hotel in St Malo, we were up and ready for brekkie early. We had breakfast at the hotel and I had a really strong coffee….had to add both sugar and honey in order to drink it!  Although we are still waking up at 3:30 am(hungry, hahha), we managed […]

The Start of our Adventure

After a nine hour long flight in a very stuffy airplane, we landed safely in Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris, France. It was 10:00 in the morning here in Paris, but only 1:00am in the morning Vancouver time. So while all of you were in bed asleep, we were just starting our day. It’s […]

The Next Adventure

So to clarify, we are NOT going back to China, but we are poised for another travel adventure and will blog our travels again. Rather than open up a new blog, we decided to just continue our old blog from our days living in Shanghai!  Here is our rough itinerary: Land in Paris Dunkirk Mt. […]