Thanks for the Memories, Shanghai!

I actually wrote this while on the plane home; we are now back in Vancouver and enjoying catching up with friends and family and drinking tons of water! Here we are, at the end of our adventure. It’s hard to believe it has gone by already. As I sit on the plane heading for my […]

An Evening in Pudong and on the Bund!

With just a week left Kim and I decided to head to the World Financial Centre and the Bund to take some night pictures. The smog was down to 53 ppm –  almost half of what it has been the last month. There was no rain so it looked like a plan.  I was feeling […]

Two Weeks Left!!!

Here we are down to two weeks left before our flight home.  I must say we are both starting to get a wee bit excited to go home and see friends and family.  Kim and I have both been feeling a little achy and sore recently and can’t figure out what is wrong with our […]

The Joys of Shopping in a Foreign Land

Well, we have been shopping in Shanghai for quite some time now, but nothing prepared us for our adventure yesterday! We headed out to a mall called “Metro City”, one that we have been to before, but never really done any shopping in it. We usually use it as a meeting place, since it is […]

June Already!

Hi All! Well, I can’t believe that it is June already! May went by so fast I am not even sure it was here. However, it was a bit of a rainy month, so that is probably why it didn’t seem to register on me! We are finally into some nice sunny weather again, although […]

Happy Weekend!

Welcome to the week-end. Happy anniversary to my sweetie pie.  We had a pretty nice week-end despite the weather.  Friday night (our actual anniversary) we went out for a delicious dinner, great service, steak and lobster, crab cakes and lattes on the patio in the cool of the evening.  Finally a foot massage and then […]

Random Shanghai Summer

Hello All, Kim and I are back from the depths of our flu.  This is the third flu we have caught this year.  Each one lasts about a week and a bit with the cough lasting for about a month.  We are now out of winter, 3 days of rain in a row with very […]