Chateau Amboise

We had a quick breakfast in our room, fresh eggs, a croissant, OJ, some fruit and some of that delicious baguette we bought at Carrefour last night and set off to see two castles.  First it was chateau Amboise.  This is a huge castle which brags as being the burial site for Leonardo da Vinci.  It is so empowering to be driving down through the French countryside and to arrive at a site like this.

imageWe crossed an old stone bridge and we were there!  We paid 30€ ($45) to visit and it was well worth it.imagewe walk up the tower inside a giant spiral incline that was designed so the French Knights could ride their horses to the flat court yard at the top of the tower.imageevery room had something of interest in it; old furniture, weapons, a suit of armour, tapestries, even musical instruments.imageIt was cool to find out that the musicians who played for the King were had their own quarters in the castle.  Their room wasn’t as ornate, but it was even higher than the king’s room and therefore had the best view in the castle.  imageMany of the roads around the castle are narrow and one way only.  They aren’t always well marked so you really have to proceed with caution or you end up having to back up a distance . So far we have been lucky.


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