Chateau Chambord

imageToday we visited two castles, first Chateau Chambord. This castle is huge and very well displayed lots of rooms decorated with period furniture and beautiful art work and tapestries adorning the walls. The view from the King’s Terrace was spectacular. I was so impressed with the grounds as well. Louis XIV had well over 100 sq km inside of his walls designed to keep the game in and the poachers out. I also liked the double spiral staircase found at each end of the chateau. You can walk up stairs while some else walks down stairs and you never see each other. Chambord was selected as the hide out for thousands of paintings and other artworks during WWII.
imageTourists enjoying the view from the King’s Terrace.


The view from the King’s Terrace.  Look how far down the road you can see.  I guess there were no surprise visits back then!


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